We are on our way.

"We are on our way" may sound unusual, as we actually want you to be on your way to us. We want to say that we, as a destination, have embarked on a journey that is for the benefit of all - you as our guests and ourselves as hosts and residents of our beautiful region.

The whole region around the German Wine Route has set out to become certified as a sustainable travel destination and will implement this with more and more measures and partner businesses. The successful first certification took place on 1 December 2020.

All 17 Tourist Information offices along the German Wine Route were and are involved.

The modern, comprehensive meaning of the term "sustainability" describes the special need not to consume more than can grow back, regenerate or be made available again in the future.

But sustainability means much more than that: in addition to the resource-conserving use of raw materials, economic and social components must also be brought into harmony.

Freinsheim holiday region - for you, for us, for sustainable coexistence!