You only see what you know!

A tour through the old town of Freinsheim and along the town wall is an experience. The town has been lovingly renovated over the years and you will see that life is lived here in and with the old buildings.

Our guests tell us again and again how beautiful the town is - they are right. But there is so much more behind the renovated facades. And our tour guides will tell you all about it.

A tour of Freinsheim becomes a memorable experience through the narrated history of the town and especially through the anecdotes about little things that are easily overlooked when simply wandering through the alleys.

Our guides offer tours for groups on a variety of topics. English language tours are possible if requested in advance. Please contact the Tourist Information office in Freinsheim

There are public tours between April and October on Fridays (6pm) and Saturdays (11.15am). These tours are German language only. 

Discover the hidden corners.