Through wine villages and vines - just let it roll!

Don't worry, it's not boringly flat with us. But also not so hilly as to be too strenuous. In short: the best conditions to make a bike tour.

From north to south along the German Wine Route, you can choose between the "Kraut und Rueben"- (cabbage and turnip) cycle path and the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Route) cycle path - or combine the two. In the Rhine valley you can follow the "Salier" (Salian Emperor) cycle path to Speyer and Worms and for those who like it more sporty, the Pfälzerwald Mountain Bike Park is recommended.

If you only want to go from place to place, then navigating by feel is easy. We always say: "On top of the hill in front of you, you can see the church tower of the next village." So don´t worry, you won't get lost here!

The cycling and hiking map of Freinsheim holiday region:

Cyclists beware!

Cycling without a driver's license is possible - driving a car is not!

Please remember - even when cycling, the regulations of the Road Traffic Act apply with regard to driving under the influence of alcohol. Not only at times of wine festivals, the regulatory authorities carry out random checks on cyclists.

Cycling and train travel - both are possible

If the journey is too long, the Rhine-Neckar Transport Authority (VRN) offers a special service: not only you, but also your bicycle will be taken along on many lines. Bicycles can be taken along free of charge on weekdays after 9am as well as all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

As a general rule, bicycles can only be carried if there is sufficient space. Priority is given to the transportation of baby carriages and wheelchairs. 

We would not like to conceal two concerns of our winegrowers from all cyclists:

Please be considerate of agricultural traffic. Between the vineyards you are travelling on farm roads that are used by tractors and, at harvest time, also by full harvesters. You may be difficult for drivers to see, depending on the stage of the foliage of the vines. It is also not always possible to avoid dirtying the paths by working the vineyards. Especially on damp ground it can get slippery. Please adjust your speed and let the winegrowers have the right of way.

The grapes on the vines should become good wine. This is what our winegrowers live on. Even though it's tempting in the fall, please let the grapes hang. If everyone who passes by just nibbles a little, there won't be much left of a vine row along the way.

Thank you!

Radkartenauswahl in den i-Punkten
Radkartenauswahl in den i-Punkten © Dörr


In the Tourist Information offices of Freinsheim and Kallstadt we have a large selection of different cycling maps ready for you. For a day tour, we will gladly equip you with simple maps free of charge. For a longer stay, you can purchase maps that show routes as far as "over the Rhine" or into the Alsace.

For mountain bikers we have maps of the Palatine Forest Mountain Bike Park at your disposal.