Only one visit will not be enough.

Experiences become memories that no one can take away from you. We want to remain in your memory - of course in a good one.

The chances are not bad, we think, because there is so much to experience. Even if it's not the headline-grabbing "Higher - Faster - Further". Spectacular experiences are defined individually and everyone can find their personal highlight.

For some, it is the proverbial explosion of taste when tasting a good wine. Others draw new strength for everyday life at home from the peace and quiet in the forest or lose themselves for a long time in the view of the Rhine plain from the Herxheim castle garden.

And then there is the togetherness at our wine festivals - here you can experience the most exciting thing of all: the people who celebrate with you.

Collect memories on the spot or experience them virtually in advance.


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Translation almost completed!

We are pleased to finally be able to present our beautiful holiday region in English as well. Weiterlesen ...