Of devils, monsters and a soup bowl.

By definition, a natural monument is "a naturally occurring landscape feature that is protected."

It can be a solitary standing structure such as a rock or a solitary standing tree. Caves or entire areas such as meadows and lakes can also be natural monuments.

For the sake of simplicity, we also include here the man-made features of our forest: That is, boundary stones worth mentioning or human traces of days long gone along the hiking trails through the Ganerben Forest District.

In our forest you will encounter many devilish and monstrous things on the way. But there are also household items like the soup bowl or furnishings like a huge chair and an admittedly quite uncomfortable canapé.

Go on a discovery tour. We have listed our most interesting natural monuments for you, of course with a note on which wayside they can be found.

What you will encounter in the forest: