Culinary delights - an important part of the Palatinate way of life.

We often hear from our regular guests that they look forward in advance to stopping off at a particular restaurant or "their" wine tavern.

We are pleased about such loyalty - after all, it shows that the German Wine Route is doing quite well in culinary terms.

But the Palatinate offers a wide variety of restaurants, wine taverns and - not to be forgotten - the opportunities to stop for a snack in our unique huts in the forest. That is why limiting oneself to just one chef is tantamount to negligently ignoring pleasurable experiences. Of course, this is not a punishable offence, but it should be reprimanded in any case.

Don't misunderstand, a favourite restaurant is important, but see what else is out there.

Your dining options:

Pick a village and all the places to stop will appear.