The German Wine Route colours: white, red & a shade of pink.

Three colours, three wine categories: White wine, red wine and "rosé" wine. If it were that simple...

What used to be passed down from generation to generation in terms of knowledge about winemaking has now become the subject of the course of study "Winemaking" under the term "Oenology". The subject of wine is infinitely multifaceted, the production is complex and the discussions about the taste of individual wines are conducted in their own trade magazines and lifestyle journals.

We cannot and do not want to go into every detail on the subject of wine at this point. But we also do not want to remain on the level of "white, red & rosé". We are too proud of our wine and our winemakers for that - and we want to do justice to both here.

Our offer to you is this: We show you here what we have. You can convince yourself of the taste and quality - ideally on site. If you still have questions: Just talk to the winemaker. Who, if not your winemaker, can tell you everything about his wine?