Everyone enjoys differently...

... but in any case you will come to enjoy your time with us.

The German Wine Route stands for highest enjoyment of wine, hearty Palatinate specialties, but also for finely composed menus.

Freshness is important for real culinary experiences. And that's where we can really score points:

In the fall, the New Wine, the "Federweisser", is usually served 10 meters from the cellar where it fermented. No transport, no storage in the supermarket - simply fresh every day.

It is the same with everything that grows here in the Palatinate. Fruit, vegetables and, in spring, asparagus come directly from the field to the farm stores. There, they can usually even tell you where exactly "your" purchase comes from.

That our chefs make the most of the freshness is of course a matter of honour!

Do you speak english?
© Pixabay - kalhh
Do you speak english?
© Pixabay - kalhh

Translation almost completed!

We are pleased to finally be able to present our beautiful holiday region in English as well. Weiterlesen ...