On the road with 2 HP.

One thing in advance: it can be quite jerky, because the half-breeds harnessed in front of the wagon have their own will and do not always guarantee smooth acceleration or deceleration. In addition, the farm roads in the vineyards are not smooth asphalted highways and a covered wagon is also not a luxury sedan. But: it is comfortable and covered!

hinten auf dem Planwagen
hinten auf dem Planwagen © Dörr, Urlaubsregion Freinsheim

In summer, the tarpaulin keeps out the direct sun and should it drizzle a little, it does the same with the rain. So covered wagon driving is almost always possible!

A long table in the middle, a lightly padded bench on each side, at least two horses, a driver, enough glasses, wine, water and juice. This is what awaits you on your covered wagon tour through the vineyards. And that's all you need, because experience has shown that the special covered wagon atmosphere quickly sets in, and not just because of the food and drink on board.

A tip: If you think you might need to get out, don't be the first to climb aboard a fully manned covered wagon. You will see why!