Miles of wine tasting.

The Culinary Wine Hike in Freinsheim is considered the mother of all culinary wine hikes. A foolhardy idea that was not immediately met with unbridled enthusiasm. The logistical effort seemed huge - would it be worth it? Decades later, people smile about the initial doubts. The effort is indeed great - but the guests´ honour for the efforts is even greater. An idea and the courage of a few winemakers has become a permanent fixture in the regional calendar of events, one of the most participatory festivals in the Palatinate.

In the meantime, other culinary hikes have become established. Among others the Freinsheim winegrowers have kept their courage and ventured into icy January with a second event, the Red Wine Walk.

Culinary wine hikes are wine tasting, wine festival and Palatinate way of life - in the open air, for all and sundry. People meet, chat, share the vespertine table with hitherto strangers, move on and, at the next station, give tips to oncoming wine hikers about wines and dishes they must not miss on their way in the other direction.

January, May and September are the months to remember if you want to be there. Quite uncomplicated: no registration, no entrance fee. You only pay for what you eat or drink and we give you the fun along the way for free.

The dates of the upcoming culinary wine hikes: