Better to pull than to carry.

All-terrain and with a load capacity of up to 50kg - that's our two handcarts, which are available for you to borrow at the Tourist information offices in Freinsheim and Kallstadt.

For a rental fee of 10,-€ we leave you our bright red, practical transport aid for provisions and everything that belongs to an excursion. A note in advance: children and animals are not allowed to be transported in the handcart.

At the Tourist Information office in Freinsheim you can also rent a picnic backpack - filled with the essentials for a break along the way if you wish.

For the stylish extended picnic, the local butchery Suess puts together picnic baskets. Each basket for up to 4 people. There are two different variants, there is something for every taste, picnic blanket included.

A reservation by phone is recommended, for filled picnic backpacks and picnic baskets a reservation in advance is necessary (Freinsheim: 06353-989294, Kallstadt: 06322-667838 or by eMail at