Between Riesling and Burgundy grapes.

Wanderkartenausschnitt Weinbergswanderung
Wanderkartenausschnitt Weinbergswanderung © Outdooractive

During the day you walk through the vineyards and see the winegrower who takes care of his vines. In the evening, you drink what has grown exactly there in the years before and refined by this very vintner. You can't get much more proof of origin than that!

We have summarized all our walking tours through the vines here - optimized for smartphone use - in a list. (for the English translation change languages in the top right corner of the appearing website)  

To experience the tours on site with your smartphone, we recommend the official and free tour planner app of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Just download it and get started (download manual in German language only).

Another way to combine hiking and wine is "wine pilgrimage". We've prepared two tours that will take you from vinothek to vinothek - in case you need an incentive to hit the road....

If you can't do without company in the vineyards, make a note of the dates of our culinary wine hikes. Six times a year, our winegrowers establish mile-long wine tasting tours for you in the vineyards. We call this "enjoyment without remorse", as you will, after all, get rid of a calorie or two on the way between the individual stops...

Public vineyard tours are offered on numerous dates. But please note: We´re afraid, the information given during the tours is German language only. If you are interested in a guided tour in English, please let us know. We try to make your request possible. 

Hikers beware!

We do not want to conceal two concerns of our winegrowers from all hikers:

Please be considerate of agricultural traffic. You are walking between the vineyards on farm tracks that are used by tractors and, at harvest time, also by harvesters. Depending on the stage of foliage on the vines, you may be difficult for the drivers to see. It is also not always possible to avoid dirtying the paths by working the vineyards. Especially on damp ground, things can get slippery. Please let the winegrowers have the right of way.

The grapes on the vines should become good wine. That is what our winegrowers live on. Even if it is tempting in autumn, please let the grapes hang. If everyone who passes by only nibbles a little, there won't be much left of a row of vines by the wayside.

Thank you very much!