In the field and in the cellar for your wine.

Here in the Freinsheim holiday region, there are about 70 winegrowers who market their own wines, plus three winegrowers' cooperatives in which full-time and part-time winegrowers have joined forces.

There are typical vintner families who cultivate their own vineyards around the family's ancestral home, but meanwhile there are also winegrowers that lease vineyards outside their home region and have reached a size that can no longer be operated as a family. 

What they all have in common is that their hearts beat for wine. That they produce wine out of passion. That they live with and from nature. That they live wine.

Each of these winegrowers makes wine you´ll like and wine that you may not like so much. That is quite normal - because it is a matter of taste. But what our winegrowers can guarantee you is that they consistently offer high-quality wine.

Come and see for yourself. Visit our winegrowers on site or use the wine delivery service, which almost every winery offers.

We have compiled the contact details for you. You can search for a specific winery according to location or by name - if you only know a name but not where the winery is located.