Highnesses with crown and jeans.

Wine varieties, growing regions and aroma profiles - today a wine princess has to be able to do more than to just open wine festivities with a friendly smile.

The wine princesses from the Freinsheim holiday region know their way around good wines, sometimes wear jeans along with their crowns and wouldn't mind having a male wine prince as a colleague.

The range of activities is wide. Whether opening wine festivities, wine tastings, receptions, parades or representing the hometown and our region - the young ladies complete their tasks with a lot of expertise, good humour and charm.
After their term of office as local wine princess, the election of the wine princess of the holiday region is on the agenda. Those who can represent eight local communities have then gained enough experience to apply for the office of Palatinate Wine Queen. And perhaps they will go on to achieve the highest honour, the office of German Wine Queen.

In our gallery you can see the reigning wine princesses from our holiday region.