"Zum Wohl. Die Pfalz."

Hardly any other region has such an apt slogan as the Palatinate.

"Zum Wohl" (to your health) is meant cordially, friendly, epicurean - simply everything that makes up "Die Pfalz" (The Palatinate) is expressed in these two words.

"Zum Wohl" also goes better with our wine and sparkling wine than a hearty "Prost" (Cheers). You can hear it everywhere. In the restaurants and wine taverns and of course at our wine festivities. Whereby it is only a rumour, or if anything a single unconfirmed observation, when it is claimed that entire conversations at wine festivals consist only of these two words.

Wine festivities exist as "big" versions, the traditional "Weinkerwe" in the villages, and as "small" versions like wine festivities in the courts of our winegrowers or in a more "unusual" version, e.g. as culinary wine walks, as a long winegrowers' table through the village or as a forest spectacle with a special lighting concept.

In any case, there are so many that from the end of April onwards there is at least one festivity, often several, on our calendar of events every weekend. 

We have listed an overview of our wine festivities in the villages and at the individual winegrowers, sorted by date. You can search for a specific date or by location.

Come and visit us: here's to a warm, friendly and enjoyable "Zum Wohl!".

However, there is unfortunately a small "but" to your wine festivity visit during these times. As you can see from the calendar of events, some events have already been cancelled due to given circumstances.
However, the dates for 2022 - as far as they have already been fixed and of course we hope that they will take place - are already listed.