It´s location and soil that matter.

In technical terms a vineyard site is nothing but a geographical unit. Since 1971, a distinction has been made between collective vineyard sites  ("Grosslagen") and single vineyard sites ("Einzellagen").

A collective vineyard site always combines a larger number of single vineyard sites. For example, in Kallstadt the "Saumagen" is part of the "Kobnert" vineyard, or in Erpolzheim the "Goldberg" vineyard is part of the "Rosenbuehl".
Single vineyard sites can also be divided into so-called "Gewanne". This further subdivision is particularly interesting for larger single vineyards. A Gewann is usually much longer than it is wide.

The soil of the vineyard sites bring forth the special features and characteristics of the grapes growing on it. The purpose of naming vineyards has always been to give wines an origin and thus to inform you as a consumer.

The vineyards of our villages

There is a lot more to tell about the vineyards around our villages. We have compiled everything about size, soil and some bizarre names.